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My Take-along Bible

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My Takealong Bible

New Leaf Press (AR)

MPN: 0892215771
ISBN: 0892215771
Author: Alice Joyce Davidson

Are you looking to get hold of a child's bible? My Take-along Bible is a fantastic book! The author is Alice Joyce Davidson and it was published sometime in March of 2004 by New Leaf Press (AR). The children's book is all about Bible stories, English and is deemed good juvenile literature. The child's bible is 20 pages long and it is stuffed with beautifully colored illustrations. Acquire a copy of this child's book, check out the market link on this site.

Rhymes are a great way for youngsters to learn and remember! A handle on the spine makes it handy for youngsters to take this book along to church or anywhere else. The perfect First Bible for your child or grandchild! The stories of Adam and Eve, Noah together with all the Flood, Joseph, Moses, and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus are all included. For ages 8 and below. Here and a durable youngsters and board book of carefully chosen Bible stories retold in rhyme, with scriptural references. The colorful illustrations will delight children, and the design from the book includes cutouts.

Alice Joyce Davidson is really a poet/writer/editor who created the"Alice in Bible Land"storybook series and has written children's books with Christian themes. Her writings have been translated into German, Finnish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian. Her hobbies consist of art and sculpting and she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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